Weekend S&M…Wheee!

Saturday saw the annual Happy Slappy Halloween Party, hosted by the Ft. Myers BDSM club. The bad news: Kelly had a dental office management seminar to attend in Orlando, and Shelly had to work. The good news: M was available, and up for a good flogging, so…

Off we went, down to Ft. Myers. Turnout was good–about a hundred and twenty people or so. All of whom were standing around waiting for someone else to be the first out in the play area.

Which challenge we were more than willing to answer.

Five minutes later saw M tied standing spreaeagle to the rack, which is a lovely look on her. Club rules forbid nudity, which is a pity, but she had quite a cute pair of Victoria’s Secret panties on. (What is sexy? Cute chick in Victoria’s Secret tied to a rack, that’s what!)

After a warmup flogging, I got out the axe. M squirmed quite delightfully as the blade slid over her bare skin. Then some more flogging, nice and long and steady until she was writhing. Then the rabit fur, and some bound teasing and grinding…quite yummy, every bit.

Afterward, several people approached us and told us how much they’d enjoyed the show, which was quite flattering. Having an audience is so much fun. 🙂

And on an unrelated note, a moment of zen

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