Monotony stew, anyone?

In an Web article called Is Monogamy Monotonous?, author Michelle Hickford put forth the idea that serial monogamy is inevitable because sexual monogamy is inherently boring:

“We’d probably rebel if we were told we could only read one book in our lifetime, or eat grilled cheese sandwiches exclusively at every meal. Life would be dull if we could only ever wear white t-shirts and jeans (hmm, I suppose that would be heaven for some). But, I’m certain there would be general mayhem if there was only one TV program replayed over and over.

And yet, there is one facet of our lives for which a single choice is required. Often, a single choice made relatively early in life — before we’ve even had a chance to form other preferences. Of course, I’m speaking of mates.”

Quite frankly, I find the thesis, and its conclusion, silly. My response, sent in an email to Ms. Hickford: Cut for your viewing pleasure