Normal is relative

Spent the weekend at a science-fiction convention. Kelly wan’t able to go, as she was involved in preparing a wedding for a friend of ours, but I did get to spend the weekend with Shelly, M. my archnemesis, and several other close personal friends that I really don’t spend enough time with.

I got to glue computer parts onto Shelly’s body, which is always a good time. We all played Drunken Strip “Are You a Werewolf?”, which is also a good time. Are You a Werewolf? is a great game to begin with, and as we all know, drunkenness and nakedness make everything better (with the possible exception of open-heart surgery, though even that is up in the air).

And now, back at the office, things are back to normal, for some value of “normal.”

More later. But first, Trick or Treating and another moment of Zen, hidden behind a cut… Yes, this is work-safe