Signs of the Apocalypse, Part 32

There’s a church on my way to work which for a long time had a banner out front reading “The Church of I Feel Good.” Sadly, I was never able to get a picture of it, since they’d taken it down by the time I found my charger for my digital camera.

Today, there is a new banner in its place. It reads, “Who R U?”

Yes, boys and girls, the inevitable has happened. AOL chat room speak has invaded the hallowed Halls of God.

I can just see it now:

s0ulsavinman: who r u?
born2s1n: 21/f/ca
s0ulsavinman: no, really, who r u?
born2s1n: I can be anyone you like.
born2s1n: how about a secretary? we can be working late…
s0ulsavinman: u r a l0st lamb seduced by the w0rld
born2s1n: wtf?
born2s1n: I don’t do animals.
s0ulsavinman: u need 2 be s4v3d by J3sus
born2s1n: ok, good idea
born2s1n: I like the Catholic schoolgirl thing.
born2s1n: I even have the skirt.
s0ulsavinman: u r a s1nner. u will burn in the lake of fire
born2s1n: I only do fire play with people I know.
s0ulsavinman: J3sus knows ur secret heart. H3 knows everythin about u.
s0ulsavinman: H3 can s4ve u. or u will go to h311 n burn n suffer 4evr n demons will tear out ur eyes.
s0ulsavinman: J3sus loves u.
born2s1n: You’re sick.