Well, it was bound to happen…

The first-ever cell phone virus has been reported by antivirus research firm Kaspersky Labs.

It’s still quite primitive, infects only Symbian phones, carries no payload, and spreads via Bluetooth. As such, it’s a proof-of-concept, not a dangerous virus. Unquestionably, however, cell-phone viruses have been demonstrated to be technically possible and feasible…pretty scary, when you consider that Microsoft, makers of notoriously insecure operating systems and Web server software (IIS is so well-known for its security holes that a lot of people call it “Inherently insecure Server”) is getting into the cell-phone operating system business.

It’s all about perception, not about reality

Observation: The Air Force operates a highly secure facility in Groom Lake, Nevada, known as “Area 51.”
Observation: Area 51 is used to test supersecret experimental aircraft and prototypes of new figher and reconaissance planes.
Observation: There are things in the sky over Area 51 that I can’t identify.
Conclusion: They must be extraterrestrial space aliens.