Home again, home again

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week in New York City, where I learned a very valuable lesson I feel I can take with me for the rest of my days:

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, that reason is just to piss you off.

How a bank teller, a political assassin, and the New York Police Department conspired to make me lose my cell phone

An evening at the club

bandage leashed and collard me and took me out for some dancing and seeing of the sights. We arrived at the club to behold a most joyous thing.

Q: What’s better than lesbian chicks?
A: Goth lesbian chicks.

Q: What’s better than goth lesbian chicks?
A: Goth lesbian chicks making out.

Q: What’s better than goth lesbian chicks making out?
A: Lots and lots of goth lesbian chicks making out.

Lesbian chicks make the world a better place. God bless ’em, each and every one.

Later, on the way back to the car, a bunch of drunk rednecks hanging out in the parking garage:

“Dude! Is that a leash? That’s fucked! You’re supposed to wear the pants, dude!”

Yes, but I’m going home with Shelly tonight, and you’re not.

Which is not to say I think they’ll never get laid, of course. Even knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers score sometimes. And sometimes, she doesn’t even press charges.


bandage and I have been spending a considerable amount of time lately working on bondage gear, made from clear acrylic rods and illuminated at the ends by LEDs.

Most recently, we’ve been working on a spreader bar, which I have finally finished putting together. This is just a prototype; I want to figure out a prettier way to mount the restraints, and a more attractive end cap to house the batteries and LED lights.

There is a set of LEDs in each end. The LEDs that light it up flash in a pattern of different colors, red, green, and blue, and the colors keep cycling continuously. A static image can’t really convey how it looks, but the effect is something like this:

Here’s one of the endcaps removed, with the electronics inside:

It’s not quite perfect yet, but I think it’s pretty damn cool. Now I just have to tie bandage‘s legs apart with it and molest her at the next S&M party.


Monday, my friend J. spent the afternoon sleeping on my couch after an eleven-hour visit to the emergency room with abdominal pain.

Yesterday, it was my turn.

For a while, they thought they were going to have to take my appendix out; fortunately, that turned out not to be the case. I’m still in a lot of pain, though.

It’s been a turbulent week. Some memorable parts:

Fourth of July Fireworks with Shelly

This was a last-minute thing. Kelly didn’t really want to go, and we weren’t 100% sure where they’d be anyway.

As it turned out, we parked the car and wandered around aimlessly, and ended up in exactly the right place, right where the technicians wer setting them off, at exactly the start of the show.

I like fireworks. Explosives, burning things…hey, good stuff!


Saturday was Keirston’s birthday party. It was a blast–losts of people, lots of alcohol, that sort of thing. I spent a good bit of time talking to lightgatherer; I’ve met her before, but never really talked to her. She’s very cool.

Shelly didn’t really want to go at the last minute, for a number of complex reasons, some of which were related to her move to Orlando. šŸ™


Sunday, Shelly and I moved her to Orlando. It’s probably the right thing for her to do, but that doesn’t change the fact that it puts her an hour away, and I’ve become used to having her around. I don’t like the idea that we’ll be able to spend less time together, but there it is.

Random musings on a Saturday afternoon


Shelly, upon whom I so enjoy inflicting pain, likes doing the same to me…in the form of exercise. She, Kelly (kellyasmith), and I are just back from the gym.

And the frightening thing is, I like it. I never, ever thought I’d see that day come!

Leaving on a jet plane

The business trip I’d all but given up on is once more back on the books. I will be in New York City the third week of this month. Shelly may accompany me.

Pity I don’t know anyone in New York. Anybody have any ideas about what to do? Any good S&M clubs in the Big Apple?

The compulsion to commit art

I have a set of negatives from a photo shoot two weeks ago with my friend K and a new model, which have been taunting me and teasing me. I haven’t really been in the mood to go into the darkroom, but the negatives have been calling me anyway, like a thorn in my brain.

Whenever I go more than a certain amount of time without doing any photographic work, I feel like I’m being poked with a sharp stick. I don’t really want to go into the darkroom, but I think I will anyway, just to get this stick to leave me alone already.

And then comes the party!

K is having a birthday party tonight. Kelly, Shelly, and I will be going tonight; if all goes well, I’ll get hammered and be obnoxious.

The Future

Major changes happening in my business. This time next year, I’ll either be very wealthy or struggling like hell, but it’s unlikely there will be any in-between.

Welcome to the world of the small businessman.