Random musings on a Saturday afternoon


Shelly, upon whom I so enjoy inflicting pain, likes doing the same to me…in the form of exercise. She, Kelly (kellyasmith), and I are just back from the gym.

And the frightening thing is, I like it. I never, ever thought I’d see that day come!

Leaving on a jet plane

The business trip I’d all but given up on is once more back on the books. I will be in New York City the third week of this month. Shelly may accompany me.

Pity I don’t know anyone in New York. Anybody have any ideas about what to do? Any good S&M clubs in the Big Apple?

The compulsion to commit art

I have a set of negatives from a photo shoot two weeks ago with my friend K and a new model, which have been taunting me and teasing me. I haven’t really been in the mood to go into the darkroom, but the negatives have been calling me anyway, like a thorn in my brain.

Whenever I go more than a certain amount of time without doing any photographic work, I feel like I’m being poked with a sharp stick. I don’t really want to go into the darkroom, but I think I will anyway, just to get this stick to leave me alone already.

And then comes the party!

K is having a birthday party tonight. Kelly, Shelly, and I will be going tonight; if all goes well, I’ll get hammered and be obnoxious.

The Future

Major changes happening in my business. This time next year, I’ll either be very wealthy or struggling like hell, but it’s unlikely there will be any in-between.

Welcome to the world of the small businessman.