bandage and I have been spending a considerable amount of time lately working on bondage gear, made from clear acrylic rods and illuminated at the ends by LEDs.

Most recently, we’ve been working on a spreader bar, which I have finally finished putting together. This is just a prototype; I want to figure out a prettier way to mount the restraints, and a more attractive end cap to house the batteries and LED lights.

There is a set of LEDs in each end. The LEDs that light it up flash in a pattern of different colors, red, green, and blue, and the colors keep cycling continuously. A static image can’t really convey how it looks, but the effect is something like this:

Here’s one of the endcaps removed, with the electronics inside:

It’s not quite perfect yet, but I think it’s pretty damn cool. Now I just have to tie bandage‘s legs apart with it and molest her at the next S&M party.