On morals and Google-whacking

I don’t understand people–especially social and religious conservatives.

My friend’s husband believes that nudity is morally wrong. It’s bad, it’s sinful, it’s an abomination in the eyes of God, and any woman who would be photographed without clothing is a dirty whore.

He also beats his wife.

What kind of malfunction do you have to have, what kind of bad wiring inside your head does it take not to see the problem here? Why is it, exactly, that so many people seem to believe that morality begins and ends with sex?

Take Charles Keating, for example. Remember him? He served in the Cabinet under President Regan. He testified before Congress numerous times in his attempts to have magazines like Playboy banned in the United States, and he was also on the Meese Commission on Pornography, the group headed by Attorney General Edwin Meese to try to put pressure on retailers to stop selling Playboy magazine. Keating called himself an authority on morality, and lectured tirelessly on the subject.

He also embezzled billions of dollars from Lincoln savings and Loan, triggering the collapse of the entire S&L industry that cost the taxpayers staggering sums of money.

So: God doesn’t mind if you beat your wife. Stealing is fine. But nudity? Oh, my, no, THAT is a sin!

Goddamn, is it just me, or do these freaks have some kind of moral and intellectual blindness so profound that they’re complete moral cripples, unable to figure out even the most basic things on their own?

At least A. was able to get safely away from her abusive situation, which is good.

In other news, I successfully Google-whacked for the first time tonight, and did it in only seven tries! I RULE!

What is Google-whacking, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s a sport where you go to www.google.com, the Web’s most comprehensive search engine, and you attempt to find two English words that appear on only one Web page (that is, you type in two English words and get a results page that says “Results 1-1 of 1”). It’s harder than it sounds; Google’s archive contains literally ,i>billions ofWeb pages, and every defined English word occurs on countless millions of them.

My Google-whack? “telomere tankful”