Busy, as per usual…

So I finally have a moment to update my LiveJournal.

I talked to a friend, Leanne, this weekend for the first time in rather too long a time. She moved some time ago–and not just to another state, mind you, but to anouther country. When last I saw her, she was having a number of difficulties in her romantic life; now, it would seem, things have starrted looking up for her. She sounded genuinely happy on the phone, and it was a joy to behold; I’ve never heard her sound so happy, and it really made me feel good.

And, it would seem, she’s begun exploring an interest in BDSM–something I told her I saw lurking in her a long time ago. Damn, I love being right.

On the more amusing side: Let me say for the record that I hate those little “What are you?” personality quizzes–you know, “What flavor of ice cream are you?” “What serial killer are you?” “What carpet stain are you?” But I’ve always been quite fond of chess, so when I saw the “What chess piece are you?” I finally broke down and took it.

And without further ado, the result: the Black King. I have no idea what that means.