Calling upon the community for help…

So, as many of you folks know, I have a number of different Web sites, one of which is aw SymToys. That’s the Web site where I have Onyx, the sex game I’ve developed, and I also have a bunch of BDSM tutorials and that kind of stuff there as well.

One part of the site I thought would be an interesting experiment is Whispers, which is a place that people can talk about sexual fantasies. I’ll admit to a small, teensy bit of an ulterior motive for putting it up; if it gets enough content, it might act as a way to keep people coming back to the site. But more than that, I thought it might be an interesting experiment in applied sociology.

It got some content early on, but it’s not received many postings recently, even though it does get a fairly high number of page views (typically a few hundred visitors a day). I suspect that part of the reason it doesn’t get a lot of contributors is a kind of chicken-or-egg thing; if folks don’t see a lot of other people contributing, they’re less likely to contribute themselves. And the things that have been submitted so far tend to follow the same general theme, probably because people go with stuff similar to what’s already there.

So, I’m calling on the combined creativity of my friends list. If you’d like, visit the Whispers submission page and contribute something yourself! When i say it’s anonymous, I mean it’s really anonymous–I don’t even track visitor IP addresses in the submissions form.