Fun stuff at $DAYJOB

So as most of you already know, I work with an electronics startup that makes lightning and storm detection equipment. One of the projects I have at the office is maintaining a Weblog of storm and lightning related stuff–not directly as an advertising vehicle, but more as a neat-stuff-about-lightning deal. When the company’s Web site eventually gets redesigned (and sweet Jesus, does it need to be redesigned!), the new site will have an entire lightning education section, but in the meantime we’re keeping a separate blog for fun stuff.

And, I have to say, I’m actually very proud of it. Check it out: Stormy Weather.

How to make a cool spikey collar

Note: This is part 5 of an occasional ongoing "how to" series on BDSM.

Part 1 of the series, How to Tie a Rope Harness Part I, is here.
Part 2 of the series, How to Tie a Frog Tie, is here.
Part 3 of the series, How to Tie a Shinju, is here.
Part 4 of the series, How to Make a Custom Dildo out of Ice, is here.

As you can probably figure out, most of these tutorials are really, really not work-safe.

This particular tutorial is work-safe, and describes how to make a very unusual style of collar that’s perfect for clubbing, wearing to a play party, or whatever else you like. And if you make it from UV-reactive cable ties, it even glows under black light!

Show me! Show me!