This is what happens when I’ve nothing better to do.

Okay, scratch that, it’s a lie. I have many better things to be doing–spinning poi, working on the upcoming release of Onyx 3, playing World of Warcraft, but…

You know those Every Time you Masturbate, God Kills a Kitten images floating around the ‘Net? I think they send the wrong message, don’t you? I mean, I like kittens as much as the next guy…hell, I probably like kittens more than the next guy. But give up masturbation? I don’t think so.

So I’ve decided to counter the propaganda with…well, with counter-propaganda. I just created an answer which I hope sends a better message, and encourages right-thinking men and women to take an orgasm for the team.

Every time you masturbate, God kills a Cylon

Please, think of the humans!

More pictures of Sunland

As promised, more pics of Sunland, the abandoned asylum in Tallahassee. Cross-posted to urban_decay.

In the early 50s, it was believed that sunlight and fresh air could cure tuberculosis, so many TB wards were built with large, open sunrooms. Each of Sunland’s two wings ended with a series of these sunrooms. This same design was used in TB hospitals all throughout Florida.

One of the first shots I took. We arrived when the sky was still light. The building consists of two wings which are virtually identical, with an extension coming out at right angles where the two wings meet. The overall building is huge, but very narrow.

Many more bandwidth-crushing images under here