Dragon*Con Ho!

So I’m in Gainesville to pick up Shelly, and off we go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I packed very hastily this morning, and I’m generally lousy at packing for any kind of overnight stay–I always find I forget something. Still, this time I think I got everything. I packed:

– Underwear
– An iPod and an iPod Shuffle, both stuffed with industrial music
– 2,500 feet of green saran wrap
– Knee-high black vinyl boots with metal studs all over them
– Bondage tape
– Rope
– My laptop, with wireless network card
– Two digital cameras and a Webcam
– Gas mask
– Trenchcoat with Biohazard logo on the back
– Cell phone charger
– Floggers

However, I can’t help shake the feeling I’ve forgotten something.