The electromagnetic force as a sex toy

So, a short time ago, I posted about a body modification that involves implanting tiny but powerful magnets in the fingertips to give someone the ability to feel magnetic and electrical fields. As infinitely cool as this is, the downside is that the NdFeB magets used for the first handful of experiments along these lines tend to cause infection, as the body tends to corrode and destroy them.

I was talking about how amazingly cool the idea of a direct electromagnetic sense is with an old buddy of mine yesterday morning, and he pointed me to a site called Amazing Magnets. Amazing Magnets sells tiny NdFeB magnets that you can buy in lots of 100 for $5.

Now, these magnets can’t be implanted without Very Bad Things happening. However, my friend had a brilliant flash of insight: perhaps something like a cruder version of the magnetic sense could be had by taking these magnets and embedding them in a second skin of liquid latex.

And, of course, that started my thought process down the road to perversion.

Leaving aside the idea of a new sense for a moment, it seems like it might be fun to place magnets all along someone’s back, or chest, or thighs, or breasts, then cover that person in liquid latex and have some fun. A degausser or a bulk tape eraser passed a few inches over the subject’s body might produce some very…interesting sensations. Especially for a person who is blindfolded, bound, or both.

And S has some liquid latex.

I think I’m going to buy a bunch of these magnets.