Things that make you go “Awww” and “Hmmm” and “Hmm?” and “Erk!”

Things that make you go “Awww…”

Got a package from ladytabitha last week, containing a CD by A Perfect Circle, the side project by the lead singer of Tool. Kinda industrial, kinda goth, really really good. ladytabitha is so sweet…

Things that make you go “Hmmm”

Bumper sticker seen by Shelly and I last week while driving:

This is an ordinary, average sign on an ordinary, average, soulless strip mall of the kind you see everywhere in Florida:

Problem is, the abbreviation “bi” does not, for many people, mean “buy.” I have this vision of a drug store where you can buy drugs for all your bisexual needs…

Things that make you go “Hmm?”

According to an online personality inventory, my Myers-Briggs personality type, which has been ENTJ for about the past zillion years or so, has recently and mysteriously changed to ENTP.

It was aliens. I seen ’em!

Things that make you go “Erk!”

Shelly and I saw Van Helsing last night, and Kill Bill Vol. 2 the night before.

Van Helsing…what a wretched, muddled, confused piece of garbage that was.

“I know! I know! Let’s make a move with Dracula and werewolves andFrankenstein’s monster and the brides of Dracula and Dr. Jeckyll and Mister Hyde and ghoulish undead in it! Hey, we can’t lose!”

The plot may have been profoundly stupid and riddled with flaws and holes, but at least the dialog sucked, the effects were lame, there were continuity problems, and the premise of the movie made absolutely, positively no fucking sense whatsoever.

Stink, stank, stunk.

It was particularly jarring after watching Kill Bill Vol. 2, which is one off the tightest pieces of filmmaking I’ve ever seen–brilliant scripting, brilliant pacing, brilliant direction… It’s clear that the first and second Kill Bill movies were intended to be viewed together; they’re one movie, to a greater extent even than the Lord of the Rings films, and they are timed and paced as one movie. And wow, does Quentin Tarintino know how to tell a story.