Whew! After an excessive amount of work…

…the new Xero Web site is finally online.

Xero’s last issue was published in October of 2001. For a number of personal reasons, the cofounder of Xero has decided to pursue other obligations, so I’m planning a relaunch of Xero, with a tighter focus and edgier theme, at the end of this year.

I’m now seeking contributions of original fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography, with an edgy, BDSM/psycho-sexual/cyberpunk feel. If this means you (or someone you know), please feel free to take a look at the new site and pass the URL around.

The new Xero will have to be advertiser-supported, which was not the case with the old Xero, so anyone who might be interested in reaching Xero’s population should give the site a check as well.

Firedancing on the Beach

Last night, a group of friends invited us out to Clearwater Beach to meet some friends of theirs who were planning to do some firedancing. The evening was nothing short of perfect, so we ended up hanging out with them at the beach for several hours.

One of the disappointments of last year’s trip to San Francisco was that Shelly and I were unable to go out with altenra to see some firedancing in San Francisco; it’s stunningly beautiful to watch.