Steel and electricity

We arrived at the play party exactly on time Friday night, something of a surprise considering we hadn’t intended to go until the last minute. The turnout was fairly small, but they’d rearranged the place since the last time we’d been, and the new layout was somewhat inconvenient.

We weren’t the first ones to start playing that evening, which is rare’ consequently, we had to wait before the bench was available. I sat in a folding chair, waiting; she sat at my feet. To pass the time, I leaned down and reached around her body, pinning her against me, and slowly traced the very sharp point of my favorite knife along the sides of her neck, and slowly down between her breasts. She shivered but stayed very still.

When the bench became available, I laid her down face-down and continued, running the knife down along her back and over the soft skin of her inner thighs, leaving a faint welt behind.

It wasn’t long before she was in the place where all things are possible. I connected the body contact probe from the violet wand to myself, then continued with the knife; sparks leaped from the edge of the kife to her skin, causing her to shudder.

Then came the katana. A bule nimbus surrounded the edge of the sword as it travelled slowly over her body, leaving a faint white line behind. She gasped at every pass witht he sword, arching her back against the blade.

When her back, legs, and thighs were sensitive, I started with a very light cropping, tap-tap-tapping the crop over her ass and legs. She responded beautifully, squirming slightly, and moaning very softly.

When we were finally done, I massaged her, then we sat and cuddled while we watched a very lovely suspension/fireplay scene.

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