Things and stuff

– Leaving for the airport and heading to Boston in about twelve hours and thirty-four minutes…but who’s counting? Looking forward to spending some time with ladytabitha and starkaudio, and meeting ectropy, roaming, and wispfox…who am I leaving out?

– Hey, ectropy, I have a purple gumball for you! It makes me happy.

– My archnemesis has a LiveJournal now! Say hello to datan0de. Leaving he and his family behind is going to be the single most difficult thing about moving to Boston…even though, on the good isde, it will be out of range of his fleet of killer satellite-based ion cannons. (Phase IIa, section 106(b) of my Master Plan involves getting them to move to Boston too…)

– Talking to the realtor today about listing the house. *sigh* Paperwork, so much paperwork…