What a difference a few hours make!

So now my phone, which has not worked at all since our arrival in Boston, suddenly and mysteriously begins working. Weird.

And I have Internet access! I’m typing this message from the Deisel Cafe, which is exactly the sort of place you generally don’t see in Florida. Shelly’s reading the paper and whimpering “Soooo much culture!” as we wait to meet up with wispfox.

Unpacking the suitcase this morning, I discovered a note from TSA informing me that they’d randomly performed a hand-search on our bags, meaning they discovered the floggers, crop, paddles, knives, Wartenberg wheel, and other implements of destruction… ***very amused***

And wispfox has arrived, so off we go.

Okay, Boston peeples…

As it turns out, my cell phone does not work in Boston. At all. I can’t even fetch my voicemail.

Neither do I have reliable Internet access–I’m standing at a Kinko’s typing this right now, so email is out, also.

Thankfully, Shelly’s cell phone does work–as long as we’re not at ladytabitha‘s house. (While we’re in her house, Shelly gets no signal, but as soon as we leave, it’s all good, which means Shelly can at least check her voicemail.)

So anyone who needs to get in touch with us should use Shelly’s number.