Merry Christmas to all, especially the FBI

It’s nice to know, in this chaotic world, that Santa can leave a little cheer for everyone this season, including John Ashcroft and the FBI.

While we were all preoccupied with Saddam Hussein’s capture and dealing with the inlaws for Christmas, President Bush secretly signed into law the Patriot II Act. This new act allows the FBI to get financial information on anybody, even those not suspected of a crime, without a cort order or subpoena and without showing probable clause. It also removes Congressional oversight from the FBI’s use of the powers granted in the original PATRIOT Act.

Happy new year, everyone!

Less than a week to go!

Shelly and I are flying out to San Francisco for eight days on Friday, January 2. We’ll be staying in downtown SF, near the Metreon. We’ll be going to MacWorld, and at some point meeting up with feorlen and altenra, and possibly some other people as well.

Anyone in the SF area up for meeting? Any suggestions for things to do? We’re planning at least one trip to Power Exchange…