Sometimes, it’s not worth the effort to chew through the straps and get out of bed in the morning…

Quick review:

– Spent a good part of last week in bed with a back injury. Suck.

– Went to DisneyQuest over the weekend with Shelly and Kelly. They have an enormous, multistory arcade with an entire wing dedicated to vintage arcade games. Got to play Star Wars, Joust (one of my all-time faves), Battlezone, Tempest, Marble Madness, Zaxxon…many for the first time in years. They even had Space Invaders and Space War machines! Cool.

I don’t know what it is with modern video games, but they all suck. Fifteen varieties of combat games, ten varieties of first-person shooter games, fifteen varieties of racing games, each more formularistic and derivative than the last. Boring. Boring. Modern video game manufacturers wouldn’t know an original concept if it bit them on the collective corporate ass.

– Back in the office: Nothing but disasters. Clients with servers failing, five emergency rush jobs in the last sixteen hours alone, I can’t keep up. Suck.

– Meeting today with a patent consultant for an idea I have. Cool.

– San Francisco is only about three weeks away! Rumor has it Apple is planning something really, really big–much bigger than just new computer announcements. And we’ll get to hang out with altenra. Very, very cool.

– Christmas with my family and somewhat estranged sister. Could be cool, could suck.

And finally, for your moment of Zen: Work-safe and family friendly