The universe gives you what you ask for.

It’s a simple, but profoundly powerful, idea. The universe gives you what you ask for–indeed, the universe bends over backward to give you what you ask for.

And it’s completely impartial and uncaring. if you ask for misery, you’ll get it; if you ask for happiness, you’ll get it. You may not get it in the form you expect, or at the time you expect, but the universe does have this knack for giving you what you ask for.

Problem is, most people don’t really seem to know what they’re asking for. Often, people can tell you what they want (or what they think they want), yet what they want isn’t what they ask for.

But I didn’t come here to talk about philosophy; I came here to talk about the New Year.

Lat new Year, i resolved to use my powers for evil. I think the universe heard me, and said “Ah, so he’s asking for an adversarial relationship witht he rest of the world, then? Right-O!”

This year, I think perhaps I should be a bit more cautious about my New Year’s resolution.