Thanksgiving traditions and cats and whatnot

A haiku for sunyata__‘s cat

silly kittycat
so needy in the morning
you should let me sleep

The turkey lasagne and the big game…er, kind of

Thanksgiving, I’m told, is a day when families get together and eat turkey, and afterward there’s a game.

Seems a venerable tradition. Thursday, Kelly, Shelly, and I headed over to share Thanksgiving dinner with a number of close friends, including lightgatherer, moonshadowdance, and my archnemesis. Kelly spent the entire week cooking, making lasagne (including the noodles!) from scratch.

Afterward, we retired for the traditional Big Game–in this case, a LAN game of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

Which Shelly is now addicted to. 🙂

This “game after Thanksgiving” tradition is pretty cool. Think I’ll make it a regular part of the holiday.

Saturday: A day to spend with friends, family, and cute lesbian chicks

Saturday morning, Kelly and Shelly and I headed down south to spend the afternoon with my parents for a second Thanksgiving dinner. Frankly, I suspect this was rather a justification to get me to work on their computers… Got both of ’em running seti@home now, though, so I should be able to start kicing out more work units now.

Then back to Tampa to celebrate a birthday with my friend Scooter, who held her party at a local lesbian bar.

At eleven o’clock in the evening…mere moments after a car slammed into a telephone pole, knocking out power to the bar. Well, hell.

Didn’t get to do any dancing, but it was very cool to spend time with her–I haven’t had the opportunity to see her in a while.

It was FARGING cold, though.

Back to work

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate all things Micro$oft?

A client bought a PC from me last Wednesday. Today, bad RAM and bad video drivers and several blue screens during a Windows XP Pro install later, I still haven’t delivered it.

Gotta love an operating system installer that crashes while installing. God bless Microsoft.

Hope tomorrow is more fruitful.