Six years married, almost sixteen years together

Yesterday was kellyv and my anniversary. Six years married, and I’d marry her all over again.

L. sent us the most gorgeous anniversary cake I’ve ever seen. She’s so amazing, and I feel very, very lucky to have them both in my life. In many ways, L. has enriched both of our lives, and she’s even been a catalyst to make Kelly and I reexamine some of the terms of our relationship. I love them both very much.

Say that again?

Like most people these days, I am constantly barraged with spam, the curse of the Internet. I usually spend about an hour a day tracking down the people who send me spam, and having their Web sites shut down. I can follow the spammers through blind redirectors, through “encrypted” Web sites that try to conceal their contents with lame systems like HTMLcrypt, and in some cases I have even tracked down the credit card processing companies and merchant banks of some of the more obnoxious spammers and had their merchant accounts suspended.

So, I read a lot of spam.

Last night, a priceless gem of an email landed in my mailbox promoting an “All Anal Hardcore Site!!!!!!!!!”. The most priceless thing about this particular spam was that it was written by someone obviously unfamiliar with the English language. To wit:

“One of them spoke- “…if you don’t ending, fuck me to anus. It’s my tightest hole…” Her advice is good! I got birth the glass of sperm after reading. And what you will do?”

That’s taken verbatim from the text. All your anus are belong to us? I know that if I don’t ending, I’ve always been fond of giving birth the glass of Mountain Dew, but to each his own…