So much time, and so little to do!

No, wait, scratch that, reverse it.

Busy busy busy busy couple of weeks, with nary a bit of wiggle room to breathe.

The good:

Two-day PolyCentral party last weekend. All the way across the state, but it was worth the drive. Fifty or so poly folk, three cheesecakes that were to die for (my favorite: banana cheesecake…mmm!), and the beach.

Photo shoots.

My plane is coming! My plane is coming! They finally shipped my radio-controlled plane, two months on back order. Should be here tomorrow.

Emperor of Dune, real-time strategy from the people who wrote Command & Conquer and Red Alert 2.

The bad:

Some motherfucker who rear-ended me and then ran. Got his license tag, though. Reported him to the cops, too. Minor damage to the car, if he would’ve stuck around I probably wouldn’t have even reported it. but no, he had to be an asshole, so now he’s got legal trouble. Dick.

Photo shoots? Still haven’t had time to contact the negs, much less start printing yet. I’m SERIOUSLY overdue for some darkroom work. *sigh*

The good (again):

Spending lots of time with kellyv and playing with L.–we’ve got a good start on figuring out how to make a long-distance relationship work. (Webcams! Yay!)

Successfully solved all my father’s various and sundry computer problems–added RAM and a CD recorder, fixed his Webcam (corrupt firmware), solved his boot problem (he had almost 30 programs(!) loading at startup…), and only killed a day doing it.

Saw a truck with a painted slogan on the back: “Kill All terrorists now!” Some people are so dumb…

It’s late. I’m tired. More later.