The good and the weird

Got a call from the police detective assigned to my hit-and-run case today. They tracked the guy down, and are going to prosecute him; AND his insurance will pay for all the damage to my car, no quibbles.


Yesterday, driving back from a client’s, I passed an Italian restaurant with a sign out front reading “SPAGHETTI GOD HAS BLESSED AMERICA”. I’ve been trying to puzzle out its meaning ever since.

Are they saying that America has been blessed with spaghetti? (“And God said “Let there be spaghetti…”) Or is the message a declaration that the Spaghetti God has bestowed his blessing on America? And if it’s the latter, what does the Linguini God have to say on the subject? How does one receive the blessing of the Spaghetti God, anyway? No, wait, skip that, I don’t want to know.

And if there really is a Spaghetti God, does that mean his Adversary is…antipasta?