Finally have a chance to catch my breath. Almost two weeks of nonstop 11 and 12 hour days…it’s really been getting to me.

Although i suppose I shouldn’t complain. If you own teh business, it’s better to be too busy than not busy enough. Besides, the work paid for the nice, shiny new iMac I’m typing this on… Now if only I could get my router to work, so the rest of my computers could use my cable modem as well.

In any event:

What is it with women, anyway?

A couple of years ago, I had a friend who did something that kind of let me down. She was supposed to do something for me, which she didn’t do, and it ended up costing me a couple hundred dollars.

Fast forward to today. She’s dropped back into my life again, contacting me by email, and has made what appears to be a sincere, good-faith effort to get back into my good graces. She’s acknowledged that what she did was wrong, and she’s made an effort to reach out. I’m skeptical, but I’m willing to at least reciprocate her good-faith gesture, and see where it goes. This is a person I sincerely believe has a great deal of potential.

My wife is furious. Absolutely, positively, well and truly pissed off. She seems to think I should never even
consider speaking to this person again, under any circumstances.

So: What is it with women and grudges? Man, I swear, women in general often seem to behave as though everyone should be held to a perfect standard of behavior at all times, and the first time you cross then, that’s it! Nothing can ever make things right again.

I don’t think that’s realistic. i believe that as human beings we are all flawed, we’re all born of frailty and error, and that sooner or later, no matter how good a person you may be, you’re going to do something that pisses someone off. The real test of a friendship, and the real test of who you are as a person, is in how you behave after this happens.

I also believe that, all other things being equal, a person who makes a genuine good-faith effort to rectify something done wrong should be rewarded for it. It isn’t ealways easy to say syou’ve screwed up.

But then, I’m a guy, so what do I know?