My wife’s parents are coming into town today; they’ll be staying with us for about a week. We’ve spent the last week trying to “parent-proof” the house–hiding the floggers, taking the handcuffs off of the bed, tucking away all the ropes…

But there’s one place I’m not going to budge, and that’s my photography. I have several examples of my photography up on the wall. The inlaws don’t appreciate it, but it is not coming down.

Goddamnit, it’s my house! If they don’t like my art, fine, but I refuse to try to pretend that it does not exist. I will not redecorate my entire house on the fear that my tastes may offend someone’s sensibilities.

My wife thinks I’m being unreasonable. I think it’s unreasonable to reorder your life to suit someone else’s tastes.