24 hours in a day?? That’s IT??!

Well, let’s see. With four days left until the new issue of Xero magazine has to be out the door, and no sign yet of a printer who can do the job, and a few pages still left to write, things are coming right down to the wire…

Well, hell. I work best under pressure anyway. Right? Right?

And a client who’s having a whole nest of network troubles, because they went with a network vendor who underbid me, and those people screwed the pooch, and naturally now it’s my problem…and the fact that it looks like we’ve been done wrong by the manufacturer who was supposed to be making the plastic case for the Internet sex toy we’re trying to get finished…

Surely would be nice if someone, somewhere, would actually do the job they said they would do.

Doesn’t help that I didn’t get any sleep last night–I spent a good deal of the night having a good, but exhausting, and perhaps overdue, talk with the other girlfriend.

And stuff.

I will be very, very happy when this week is over.