Unexpected Visits

Yesterday I got a surprise call from my evil twin.

Yes, I have an evil twin, and the fact that I’m the good one should frighten you considerably. My evil twin and I have talked to each other online for quite a while, but have never met in person.

Well, as it turns out, she was flying to Houston to spend some time with her girlfriend (yes, my evil twin is a lesbian–kind of fitting, innit?), and missed her flight, and got bumped to another flight that involved a four-hour layover in Atlanta, and did I want to head down to the airport and spend some time with her?

This is my evil twin:

We chilled out at the airport restaurant and talked about life, bondage, and everything. As it turns out, there is a quick one-column tie she couldn’t remember, so she dug out her (fluffy, glittery, girly) restraints and I demonstrated on her at the table. The unflappable waitstaff took it all in stride.

All in all, an unusual end to what had been a boring day.