Woo-hoo! Posters are here!

Drafted my roommate into helping me roll posters and stick mailing labels last night; the first batch of the poster versions of the Map of Human Sexuality will be going out this afternoon (and just for the record, sixty mailing tubes is a lot to fit in a 2-seat car). Everyone who placed a pre-order should be getting their posters in the mail over the next few days! (Well, ‘cepting for those of you not in the US; delivery will take a bit longer, I reckon).

It turns out that whoever shipped them from the printers did have OCD, after all. They registered six UPS tracking numbers for one shipment. Weird.

Going to try to find a poster frame this evening, I think. I want one of these hanging on my wall; they look great!

Anyone who didn’t pre-order…sorry, you missed the pre-order price. Price is increasing this afternoon. Don’t let that stop you from ordering one, though!