Some movies I’d like to see

So a couple of projects have managed to wiggle their way into my attention lately.

The first is a book, based on Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It’s a rewrite of the classic with extra bonuz zombie footage (by day, she woos Mr. Darcy; by night, she’s an unstoppable zombie slaying machine!).

Yes, I’m being 100% serious.

The second is the next movie in the Predator franchise, called Pride and Predator, a Predator prequel set in the time of–you guessed it–Pride and Prejudice.

Now, personally, I think this is brilliant. There’s nothing that can make a chick flick entertaining faster than the addition of a zombie horde or an extraterrestrial killing machine. Can’t get enough of that for my entertainment dollar!

But, sadly, I fear this trend doesn’t go far enough. So, this afternoon, I put together some more chick flicks I’d really like to see (clicky on any pic to embiggen):

Last chance to pre-order!

I have enough pre-orders for the poster version of the Map of Human Sexuality, and the job is at the printer’s right now. Plates are done and it goes on press Monday. I expect to have the posters by the time I get back from the Poly Leadership Summit next Monday.

Once I have the posters in hand, I plan to raise the price to $15, so if you want one at the pre-order price (or you want it signed), now’s the time!

On Re-Evaluating Dating and Relationships

My sweetie figmentj has just posted what I think is an awesome essay on the nature of dating and the implications of a conventional model of dating in an unconventional relationship world. Here’s a teaser:

In our generally monogamous culture, standard dating is viewed as a series of auditions. If you pass the first, then you get a second date. If you pass that one, you get a third date (and possibly sex, if we really want to go with the cliched model). Eventually you pass enough auditions to have a relationship, and if that goes well, you get married and win the game. Most of the poly people I know, myself included, started out being inundated with the standard model, and eventually became poly later. We learned to let go of the idea that there is One Magical Person for everyone, and the purpose of dating is to find them. But the feelings of being evaluated and passing or failing and internalizing what that means seemed to hang around.

Go read the rest. It’s good stuff.