Some (more) thoughts on human sexuality

A little while ago, I posted the first go-round of a map of the human sexual condition. The purpose of this map is to try to set out a rough approximation of the scope and breadth of human sexual expression–which is, even for a dedicated kinkster, quite a mammoth undertaking.

That post has attracted rather a lot of attention. I was flooded with feedback and comments–in LiveJournal, in email (boy, did I get a lot of email!), even in IM. And it’s amazing how many things I left off the first version of the sexuality map.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time working on an update to the map. The new version of the sex map has rather a lot of new stuff listed, and a whole new range of islands. Some parts were rearranged, many new ‘countries’ have been added, some parts have been clarified, and I’ve even added few embellishments. And so here, finally, is the new version! (Clicky the map for a much, much, MUCH bigger picture)

I’ve received a lot of emails requesting that I think about making a poster version of the Map. I’m probably also going to make a floor-to-ceiling giclee print of the Map for myself, though I doubt too many folks will be interested in those; it’ll probably cost me around a hundred bucks or so to print. (But still, damn! What a neat wall hanging for the bedroom.)

Anyway, I definitely appreciate all the feedback from the first version, and I’m interested in hearing what you all have to say about this version.

Eventually, I’ll put an interactive version of this map on my Web site, as soon as I can find some PHP code somewhere that’ll let me register mouse clicks and draw images of a stick pin at the click coordinates. The code I’ve found so far redraws the entire graphic, which isn’t realistic as the GIF image weighs in at damn near one and a half megabytes.