In honor of the current political situation in the US…

…and the Religious Right’s unceasing, relentless assault on freedom in the name of their narrow, parochial “morality,” and in light of the fact that there seems to be a never-ending obsession among certain political groups to tell us all how to have sex, under what circumstances to have sex, and even who to have sex with, I have created this new user pic.

I know there are a lot of folks on my friends list who are as appalled as I am about the idea that a government should find it appropriate to insert its nose under its citizens’ bedsheets. If you feel the way I do about this, please feel free to use this icon however you like. I’ve built it in two sizes, 100×100 pixels (for LiveJournal and other sites that use this size avatar) and 80×80 pixels (for forums and sites that use the smaller size avatar).

100×100 pixels

80×80 pixels