Happiness is…

…when your girlfriend is visiting from out of town, and you go home for lunch, pull on a rubber glove, push her down, fist her to orgasm, leave her a happy, giggling, glowing post-orgiastic mess on the bed, and go back to work.

42 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Fancy running into you here:) I’m not sure we’ve ever met but we have quite a few mutual friends (Jola and the rest of the Chicago contingent).

  2. *smiles* Why, hello there! Nice getting a formal introduction! ^_^

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you . . . I’ve always liked the things you’ve had to say in the communities I’ve read you in. (And I’m always hopelessly awkward at this bit, my apologies!)

    — A <3

  3. Now that looks like fun. I’m especially intrigued by the notion of an evening dedicated to sex machines and sushi, both of which are on my list of Favorite Things Ever.

    Pity Seattle is so far and nobody’s come up with a working teleporter yet.

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