Accomplishments and stuff!

So, things at That Place Where I Work have been painfully slow, as we hold our collective breaths to see if we survive 2008. I’ve been productive, though, adding two new sections to my BDSM page and one new section to my poly page, updating my grammar page, and tracking down Russian virus writers.

I’ve also started tinkering with a new toy, a server-side RSS feed aggregator. I’m trying to sharpen some of my (rather weak) PHP skillz and learn about RSS and feed aggregation, and being (as I may have mentioned in the past) a seasoned, veteran pervert, thought what better way to do it than to create a Web portal for syndication of sex blogs?

Right now the only thing on it is Whispers…which I will once again encourage anyone on my flist to contribute to. You can see what I have so far here.

Right now it’s just a toy and kind of a learning experiment, but I’d like to make it into something interesting. Anyone out ther who has a LJ sex blog, RSS feed, or other blog or whatever about sex or sexuality, and is interested in seeing it listed, drop me a comment or email me at tacitr (at) aol (dot) com. Eventually, I hope to turn this into a true multiuser sex-blog aggregator. Why? Because it’s fun, and after all, what else is teh Internets for?

Holy crap! Coolest thing EVAR….

…via physicsduck

Video of a French guy who makes triodes (a type of vaccum tube) by hand. And when I say “by hand,” I mean glass envelope and all.

Pay particular attention to his testing equipment.

Man, this is really, really, really cool. If you like tech, you like seeing tech made, and you like old school tech, check this out. Worksafe, sound.