Many random things, and pickles

First off, I present to you a stuffed animal inspired by my post about conduct in the dungeon, given to me by dayo, who upon reading it went out to Build-A-Bear and created this soft, floppy-eared, leather clad specimen:

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Bunnykin Spankypants. And yes, dayo is in SO much trouble.

Many cell phones use a predictive text entry system called T9. T9 attempts to make texting faster, by “recognizing” common words as you begin to key them in, and filling out the rest. For example, if you hit 8 4 on your keyboard, the T9 system will recognize that it’s more likely you are attempting to type “th” than “vg”. T9 uses a dictionary of words, which it consults as you hit letters to try to anticipate what word you’re typing. Everyone knows this.

The T9 system built into my Motorola Razr is an adaptive T9 system; if you type a particular word multiple times, it will “remember” that word and rank that word higher in its probability table than other words that begin with the same combinations.

I inherited my Razr from figment_j. Apparently, she has used it to do text messaging in the past. If I hit the number 5, which corresponds with the letters “j,” “k,” and “l,” the phone’s very first guess about what I intend to type is “lust.” If I hit the number 2, which can be “a,” “b,” or “c,” the phone immediately guesses “boots!”. If I type 66, its first guess is “not here.”

Shelly would like to hijack the collected perversion wisdom of my friends list to a devious noble end. Involving pickles. Literally or figuratively; it’s up to you.

There is, you see, a past time that has become a fixture at church socials and picnics and other wholesome get-togethers called “pickle spitting.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: people put wole pickles in their mouths and see who can spit them the farthest.

“Pickle spitting” just sounds obscene. In fact, it really sounds like it should be a euphemism for a deviant sex act. And, sadly, it’s not.

That’s where you come in.

In a comment to this post, leave a suggestion (or two) for a deviant sex act that you think should be referred to as “pickle spitting.” By working together, we can corrupt and pervert this harmless activity, once and for all!