I feel like I missed something.

I spent most of the evening and most of the night working on the new Symtoys site; dayo has actually developed a timetable for me (bless her process-loving heart), and Im int he habit now of doing nightly uploads to the sandbox server as I finish new sections. Looks like it’ll actually be finished ready to make live very soon.

I didn’t get to bed until about 2 AM last night (the kitty Liam was being exceptionally affectionate, even for him, and kept waking me up with “I CAN HAS LOVE NOW PLS?”). Got up late for work today, and…

…nobody’s at the office. There’s not a car on the road, which is a nice change from Duluth traffic, but I did see a car piled into a tree on the way in to the office. Door was still open, nobody there. All of the businesses in the business park look like they’re closed. The Intertubes have been in yoyo mode all day–up and down and up and down. There’s a funny smell in the air, and what looks to be a wrecked helicopter, of all things, in the parking lot across the street.

What’d I miss?