Whew! Major Web site update…

I haven’t been posting much over the last three weeks or so, and those posts I’ve made have been “hit and run” with no conversational followup, largely because I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on a huge update to me Web site.

I finally uploaded what I’ve done, though I had originally planned to wait and do the upload with everything I want to do. I still have quite a number of significant updates left to finish.

The part that’s been updated involves:

– Significant updates to the polyamory section, that include:

– Changes to the Common Poly Mistakes, Communication, Glossary, and Links section.
– A brand-new page: How to Become a Secure Person in Three Easy Steps, which is based on a reworking and extension of the similar essay posted here in my LiveJournal.

– Significant updates to the BDSM section, including typo fixes and minor revisions to the main page, revisions to the Folks I Can Do Without page and the Glossary of BDSM Terms, and significant new additions to the BDSM Scenarios page.

– A very significant extension to my Grammar Cheat Sheet page, including many new entries of common grammar errors and a whole new section on “Language in Flux.”

– A whole new wing on my developing section on extropianism and transhumanism, including a new page on rationality called A Defense of Reason (adapted from and extending another post in my journal) and a new and still growing books and Web resources on transhumanism, nanotechnology, and rationality.

– An overhaul to the Photography Resources and Links page.

There’s a lot more stuff coming, too! Planned additions over the next few weeks include:

Free e-cards! I’ve installed electronic greeting card software on the server; I haven’t created the images and pages to go with it yet, but I’m working on a new section for BDSM-themed e-cards and for polyamory-themed e-cards. I’m doing this out of exasperation for all the Valentine’s cards that say things like “to my one and only” or “to my one true love;” it’s impossible to find poly-friendly online cards. Note: if anyone has any BDSM or poly-themed images they would like to let me use for greeting cards, let me know! I will provide credit for the images, if you like. The images must either be copyright-free or you must own the copyright yourself.

A whole new polyamorous wing: The Cranky Polyamorist, an ongoing collection of essays and rants about things that get my goat. I’m working on three essays currently, and will probably have more over time. I’m getting cynical in my old age…

A Poly/Mono Dialog, a transcript of an ongoing conversation I’ve been having online with a monogamous person, and a real eye-opener for some of the basic philosophical and worldview differences between monogamous people and polyamorous people. It’s a fascinating dialog, but it currently runs well over 20,000 words; editing it down and keeping it coherent is turning out to be a bigger job than I thought.

Two or three more sections in the Poly page, and one or two more sections in the BDSM page.

Ongoing revisions to the Transhumanism section, including additional resources and probably at least one more essay.

More revisions to the BDSM Scenarios page.

Additions to the Photography pages, probably affecting only the Digital section.

And now, off to the dentist!