Home again, home again…

Spent the weekend at a trade show (Graphics of the Americas) in Miami this week. Shelly and I headed down there Thursday night, returned late Sunday. It’s a yearly convention; I go on behalf of one of my clients, and demo prepress software (imposition, page pairing, that sort of thing) at their booth.

Joining me in th booth this year was the daughter of one of the company’s employees. She and I spent a good deal of time Saturday and Sunday talking about transhumanism, polyamory, life extension, nanotech, and other fun stuff…she turned out to be very interesting to talk to indeed.

She and a couple of other people from my client’s company wanted some idea of what Photoshop was capable of, so I snapped a couple quick digital pics of her (one in the convention hall and one outside of it) and gave an impromptu 30-minute Photoshop lesson:

Lots of fun. By the time I was done, one of the people watching had run off to buy a copy of Scott Kirby’s Photoshop book from the Adobe booth.

It’s amazing how much difference having someone to talk to makes.