For Florida peeps: CryoFeast 2005 is coming up!

Alcor is sponsoring a free seminar on cryonics and cryomedicine in Palm Beach Gardens on Saturday, September 17th. Free food, talks by a bunch of people (including the Alcor CEO), announcements about cryopreservation, and a bunch of other good stuff.

Shelly and I are planning to go, and we’d like to make a caravan of it. Anyone else in the area interested? datan0de and company? smoocherie and company? Anybody?

Whew! After the heavy processing of the last two posts…

…some lighter fare, about kitties and about social dynamics.

First, the kitties. My kitties love John Woo movies!

Every animal that exists is bequeathed by God with a unique gift. Human beings are bequeathed with an amazing hubris that tells us we’re the chosen of God, for example, as a sort of “sorry, my bad” for the whole hairless-ape thing we’ve got going on. Dogs are gifted with boundless, enthusiastic optimism to compensate for the eating-off-the-floor thing.

But cats have the greatest gift of all. Cats are granted a special and limited immunity from the law of gravity.

Three nights ago, S was over late, and the kitties were feeling frisky. In a beautiful and stirring tribute to the Great Director, the two of them faced off against the vast expanse of the living room hallway, then charged each other in a stirring reenactment of that scene in “Mission: Impossible” with the motorcycles. About three feet apart, they both leaped high into the air, and collided with all four paws outstretched several feet off the ground, whereupon they fell heavily to earth in a ball of savage mock fury.

The performance was somewhat marred by the fact that they were both purring madly, but it was amazing nonetheless. I’d give the right arm of a crippled child with leukemia for a photograph, as long as it was a reasonably patient child who wasn’t using the arm for anything and liked cats and John Woo.

In other, and also amusing, news, I recently left a post about transhumanism on one of the Macintosh technical forums I read. I’ve been a member of this particular technical forum for many years, and I’m usually quite prolific. Another member of the forum told me that there was a conversation on transhumanism on a different forum he belonged to, and did I mind if he quoted me? I said no, not at all, and he sent me a URL to that other forum.

I went over, took a peek, and discovered that I have a fan obsessed freak. She used to use the Mac technical forum, disappeared around three years ago…

…apparently because of me. Seems I’d posted a comment in a conversation about using digital cameras with a Mac, and she’d said “Oh, a fellow photographer!” and visited my Web site, and read my polyamory pages, and, well…

“Creep” figured prominently in her comments on the other forum. “Depraved sexual appetities,” too. And other, even less flattering things.

She quit using the Mac technical forum because she couldn’t bear to use a message board I belonged to, and has over the past three years spent a great deal of time and energy talking about me on this other forum. For the sake of curiousity, I did a search on that other forum for my name. Thirty hits, in all, representing messages about me this woman has left.

In the most unkindest cut of all, she said something about how she can’t understand how I get all these women, because she’s seen pictures of me and I’m “sure not easy on the eyes.”

“Depraved sexual appetites,” that’s cool. “Sick pervert?” Hey, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. “Dedicating an entire Web site” to my “unnatural perversions and lusts?” Well, hey, it’s something to do on a Saturday afternoon. But “not easy on the eyes?” Man, that just hurts. 🙂

Y’know, the funny thing is, I barely even noticed when she stopped posting on the Mac forums, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a conversation with her. The emotional energy she’s invested in me is kind of flattering, in a peculiar way, but damn…