Some thoughts on letters, and new diversions

Okay, so not letters, exactly. People, more like it. Well, relationships, when you get right down to it. But I’ll use letters.

So. There are these two people, who I’ll call r and s. R is a person I’ve met who’s smart, interesting, literate, fun to talk to–all the things I like and admire–and on top of that, very attractive as well. I’m fascinated by her, but I have absolutely no idea what her personal situation is, or if she’s in any way available, and haven’t made any effort at all to find out, because we’re almost certainly moving to Atlanta soon. Most likely, mid January or early February. That makes me reluctant to invest in new friendships and less open to new relationships at the moment, for obvious reasons.

S is a person I’ve known for a long time. OK Cupid, bless its mechanical little heart, seems to think that S and I are ideal relationship matches, and in truth, she’s someone I’ve been interested in for a while, though I’ve never had even the tiniest of hints that the interest is reciprocated. So last night I find out that, as a matter of fact, she is interested in me as well. Which is absolutely wonderful, but lousy timing, because…we’re almost certainly moving to Atlanta soon.

Funny thing, life.

And speaking of OK Cupid, another person I’ve met over there has recently given me a new addiction: online MOOs. Think “massively multiplayer online role playing game,” only entirely text, not graphical.

Not playing them, mind. Programming them. I’ve ported the source code for a MOO server over to Mac OS X and compiled it, and she and I are in the process of building a generic database which will probably end up on my shareware/freeware site eventually. I’d forgotten how much I love learning new programming environments! Playing with the software is a blast.

I’ve actually been spending a lot of time tinkering with server software lately. I’ve got QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime Broadcaster running on my new server machine, streaming video from my iSight, and I’ve got two MOO servers running at the moment as well. No, you can’t have the address; maybe later, when things are actually set up the way I want them.

And now to bed.