A productive weekend and thus and such

So, Shelly’s back in town! She left Thursday to go spend some time with merovingian, and came back Sunday. I got quite a lot done while she was gone, and also had the opportunity to spend some time with s and her boyfriend.

S and her boyfriend and I spent part of the weekend building a new St. Andrew’s cross, to replace the one we left in Boston. This one is painted metallic silver; the effect is, I think, kind of interesting…

This morning, Shelly got a copy of the new video game World of Warcraft, and she’s already an addict. She’s been glued to the computer since she got back from class this morning,a nd probably will be until she goes to class this evening, I imagine.

At some point this evening, s and I are probably going to be going on a…well, I don’t know quite what to call it. We’ll be spending some alone time together exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship–can you call that a “date”? “Date” doesn’t quite seem like the right word. A spending-time-together thing to see if we want to start a relationship. Thing.

Thursday: Thanksgiving with the Haus Boheme crowd, which should be fun.

Friday: Tampa Fetish Party with friends, possibly including s and her boyfriend. I made this for Shelly, which she’ll probably wear:

It’s entirely made from zip ties and 7/8″ rubber O-rings; takes about fifteen minutes to make. I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Saturday: Dinner with my parents.

Sunday: PolyTampa.

In other news, I’ve been approached by a couple of different publishers who’re interested in the book on polyamory I’ve been working on. One of them wants to see an outline and some writing samples; the other wants an outline and three chapters. So now I actually have to get off my ass and start writing again; I’ve been neglecting the project ever since Boston. Yikes! Now that the idea is beginning to turn into reality, it’s beginning to turn into work as well.