Weekend thoughts


DragonCon is a large, busy science fiction convention held every year in Atlanta. No, sadly, we didn’t go. bandage and M were able to attend this year, together with a large group of friends, but we, alas, were not.

So instead we spent the weekend with moonshadowdance, lightgatherer, their partner Chris, ucertola, and a group of other friends.

We had a blast.

What every evil genius needs…

…is a good archnemesis. And I believe I’ve found just the person.

He has all the qualities one generally looks for in an archnemesis: he’s intelligent, we see eye to eye on most things, we get along very well, our philosophies and worldview are generally compatible. There’s just one catch: He’s not a superhero, he’s an evil genius as well.

But I figure I can overlook that. After all, the “evil genius/superhero” thing has been done to death anyway.

So without further ado, I give you: Tacit’s arch-nemesis