Updates & Such

The Weekend

So Friday evening, we all head out for a movie, the vampire-chic “Underworld,” and some clubbing. Since we planned to go to the club directly after the movie, we all headed to the theater in clubwear. (Yes, I wore a collar.)

And since nothing goes with a movie quite as well as dinner, we stopped at Bennigan’s first. All thirteen of us.

Many of the patrons there looked at us rather like one might look at someone who had just stepped out of an elevator wearing nothing but a gigantic Boa constrictor.

You just can’t get enough of that for my entertainment dollar. Indeed the only thing better is…

Cute lesbian chicks!

First time at the club, Underground in downtown Tampa. Kinda goth, kinda industrial, dollar drinks all night long. I’m told I had rather a lot of them.

Ran into an old friend from my Sarasota BBS days there…haven’t seen him in something like twelve years, but he still recognized me. Weird.

And cute lesbian chicks. Doing very dirty things. At the bar. 🙂



Yep, that’s it. That was Saturday.


PolyTampa. Old friends, some new friends, M’s tale of discovering her bisexuality while at Girl Scout camp (excuse me while I go there for a moment…), and then over to the home of lightgatherer, moonshadowdance, and their partner for a few games of Zendo. Which, if you haven’t ever played it, you should.

Yes, you. Yes, I do mean you. You’ll like it…trust me.

Also tried unsucccessfully to ressurect Shelly’s laptop, which seems to have gone off to the great Hewlett-Packard happy place in the sky–which sucks like a great big sucky thing.

Other stuff

Shelly and I will be in San Fransisco from January 3 through January 10 for MacWorld. We’ll almost certainly spend some time with altenra, which is always one of the hilights of the trip, and at least one evening at Power Exchange is in the plan as well. Anything else interesting to do in SF?

I’ve lost the battery charger for my digital camera, which also sucks like a big sucky thing. No more pics for a while…*sigh*

Now I’m off to bed.