Things Bizarre and Strange


From an article at The Register

The marketing materials for a gizmo made by, a company selling laptop computer accessories, makes it crystal clear precisely what their product is used for:

“Fusing the material which is superior heat-insulating uses the material and the super superfine origin thread which had self adsorbability. With the appropriate thickness, 1.5mm the stroke impression and feeling good touch heat-insulating compatibility. Do not use the paste and the tape and peel, angle rub cleanly you do not give. To administer also photocatalyst processing, be superior in the anti-bacterial going out bad-smelling performance.”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I need to turn that into a Flash animation somehow.

Plastics make it possible

I tracked down a plastics manufacturer that sells extruded acrylic rods today. bandage and I want to start making bondage equipment, like spreader bars, made from rods of clear polished acrylic with LEDs embedded in the ends, so that they glow when you use them. I figure that’d be, like, totally lumpy.

And speaking of lumpy…

Shelly and I are trying to coin a new word in American vernacular…”lumpy” as a synonym for “cool” (as in, “I just got a new Porsche!?” “Really? Lumpy!”>

We aren’t going to be happy until someone uses this expression on an episode of “Friends.” Be warned…you will be assimilated.

And that’s lumpy. 🙂