Too late.

Friday: Chaos

I love introducing new people to Mao. Friday, we played host to a number of friends (including lordfuckbeast) and I created a couple of new variants of Mao, both of which had provisions for creating new rules mid-game under certain circumstances.

It didn’t take long before the new rules involved clothing. I should have been able to anticipate that, really.

We had planned to go out to the Castle–a local goth club–but never quite made it. C’estla vie.

Saturday: The Day of Significant other’s Significant others

Shelly has anew potential romantic interest, D. Saturday, I got to meet him for the first time.

Shelly and I were working on turning long acrylic rods into illuminated bondage devices when he arrived. No sooner had he walked in the door when we announced that we had to run to Home Depot–my favorite toy store–to get some more parts for the bondage implements. We dragged D and our friend J along; to his credit, D didn’t even blink.

Which is always good.

Upon our return, it was time for all of us to head out to my “other” girlfriend M’s birthday party, where I got to meet her other boyfriend, also for the first time.

The nice thing about being involved romantically with people whose judgement youcan trust implicitly is that meeting their other significant others is generally painless. M’s other boyfriend is also quite cool, and by the end of the evening had offered to make J a new flogger.

The end of the evening came either too early or too late, depending on which way you look at it.

Too early–we all of us, D and J and Shelly and Kelly and I, bailed before the birthday floggings started. Too late, because we still got home well after midnight, which gave us only a few hours to sleep.

Sunday: Day of the Living Dead

You see, many weeks ago, I did something deeply, profoundly foolish.

I scheduled a photo shoot with Shelly and Keirston and a new model I met at an S&M party some time ago. Downtown. At sunup.

Normally, the only time I see the sun rise is if I am still up, not if I’m getting up. This goes triple if I’ve been partying the night before.

So, needless to say, when 5 AM rolled around, we all looked and felt our best.

Still, we made it downtown. The shoot went quite well; downtown was largely deserted save for a few homeless people, who got something of an eyeful, but everyone left us alone.

Then it was back home again for a couple hours’ worth of sleep before PolyTampa. Then off to dinner with the PolyT crowd at a Japanese restaurant, whose staff seemed rather overwhelmed by the crowd.

I’m still exhausted. Morning today was sheer agony. I never really feel sufficiently repentant for my sins, though. Which probably says someting about me, though I don’t quite know what.