Oh, the pain…

First, the bad news

Woke up last Tuesday with intense, stabbing abdominal pain, which has remained more or less constant since. Doctor’s exam and X-rays haven’t turned up anything yet; the working theory is kidney stones. Going in Friday for a kidney imaging exam.

Of course, this happened concurrently with most of my major clients having major crises…got called Friday by one client whose server hard drive had just failed, with a financial auditor coming in on Monday morning, and of course all their financial records were on the server… sigh.

How the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects child pornographers

Got a bounce email message last week when someone forged my email address on a piece of email.

The person responsible has set up an offshore server for the purpose of trading kiddie porn. Problem is, I had to use some techniques to find out who was doing it and what they were doing that might possibly contravene certain provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act…meaning that if I report the lowlife scumballs to the FBI, the FBI might want to investigate me. I have my lawyer working on this problem right now.

Just for the record, the DMCA is a stupid piece of legislation.

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