Chapter IV: Discoveries (or, the Perverts of Room 407)

San Francisco is home to an S&M sex club called The Power Exchange, a place which is kind of like Disney World for the BDSM set. It features everything a pervert might ever dream of: prison cells, a medieval dungeon, racks, crosses, examining tables, cages, pr0n rooms, even a place called the Cow Room whose decor is all black and white spots.

I had had the foresight to bring a collar and leash to SF with me, on the idea we might end up at a goth club. Leading Shelly through the Power Exchange on a leash was a real treat for both of us. Shelly is a person unafraid of self-discovery, and when she begins exploring something new, she does so without hesitation or reservation.

Pool tables, too, though we did not have the opportunity to shoot a game of pool. Perhaps next time.

The pr0n on display wasn’t all that good, really. In fact, “wasn’t all that good” is probably a bit kind. Fortunately, altenra brings her laptop, and her collection of high-quality pr0n, everywhere she goes. Bathtub Lesbians… If you haven’t seen it, your life is a darker place.

kellyv, my “other” girlfriend M, and I have spent some quality time together in a very small S&M club that existed once in Tampa and has, alas, since closed. kellyv has a bit of the voyeur in her, particularly where my girlfriends and I are involved, and I was quite disappointed she was not able to accompany us to the Power Exchange. She would truly have enjoyed what came next.

When we’d had our fill of Bathtub Lesbians and the other offerings in altenra‘s library, it was time for the show. I led Shelly to a large, leather-bound bed between the judge-fetish pr0n and the redneck-fetish pr0n, and began, very gently, to caress her wonderful bare ass with the crop that had been her Christmas gift from me.

“You need good Russian whipping. In Soviet Union, we know how to deal with decadent Western whores like you.”


Shelly marks so beautifully. A welt appears instantly as the crop lands, which turns within a day into a lovely, perfectly straight bruise, that serves nicely as a reminder.


She had never had a whipping before she and I made our connection. It is so magnificient to see her respond, to watch her scream and writhe and moan in pleasure under the crop, to see her discover a part of herself whose shape she had never known before. She is a pain slut, and her enthusiasm and raw, uncontrollable pleasure under the ministrations of the crop is a joy to behold.


For others, as well as for myself. Within moments of her first delicious scream, we had attracted an audience. Her awareness of the attention, and the knowledge that she was on stage, fed into her pleasure, making her crave even more.


I wish that kellyv could have shared in the experience. She is a voyeur, but watching such a thing when it is your lover’s lover who is the center of attention is especially delicious.

Soon Shelly’s screams had turned to laughter, that giddy rush of endorphins and adrenaline that transforms the pain into the most beautiful, erotic pleasure you might ever imagine. The crowd was quite think by now, people jostling one another for the best position to see the transformation.

Finally, Shelly’s ass and thighs were a mosaic of hard, straight welts, and she was in the place where every touch is ecstasy. I caressed her and stroked her, and helped her to her feet, transfigured as a person by an experience nothing like she had ever had before. She was radiant, floating in an endorphin high. There was nothing left but a return to our hotel for an exhausted sleep, punctured by dreams of the experience like aftershocks from an earthquake that forever alters the landscape at its center.

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